Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Staying positive

Today I briefly overheard a conversation between a couple people I don't know at all.  And a quote from Albert Einstein came to mind

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds...

The conversation had no point.  There was no real substance to it, but I heard two people take the time to slander another person, which really got me thinking.

What is the point?  What's the point of talking about other people in a negative way?  When you hear people talking about someone else, do you join in on the "fun", or does it bother you?   It sure doesn't make me think well of the people talking, or make me feel like I can even trust them.   Do you try to avoid getting involved or leave?  A million questions start running through my mind.

What ever happened to building people?  People being positive about each other?  I know that a kite rises against the wind, but what's wrong with sticking the darn kite in the sky and telling it to stay up there because you know it can??  LOL

Ahhhhhh such is life.  I guess if we never had to deal with negative things, we would take the positive things for granted!  I'm grateful for my trials :)  I guess!

Just stay positive!!  That's the best we can all do because we deserve to be happy, and dang it, we are GOING TO BE!

xoxo Christy

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